Of course, it would be downright silly to suggest that you merely take our word for it when it comes to the whole social media thing… we mean, besides the blog and the traffic and all that.  Cast your eyes upon the clients and partners that have come before!  (This is not exhaustive, some pieces are still protected by confidentiality agreements and copyright.)

— Client: Fast Home Exit, LLC – Social Media and Marketing Consultant

— Created full brand at DwayneBuysHomes.Com, including fresh WordPress installation, theme modification, Facebook PPC campaign, and complete content creation

— Client: BirdEye (2016) – Account Manager, online reputation management platform

Customer-facing document on how to use their platform

— Client: Reachable (2015) – Social Media and Marketing Consultant

Reachable.Com Platform User Guide (as of September 2015)

— Client: RadioShack (April 2014 to September 2014) – Social Media and Community Management, including content creation and scheduling

How to make chocolate bunnies in a 3D printed mold
Compare/Contrast between Chromecast, AppleTV, and Roku
Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday
How to use Google Chromecast
3D Print Contest Content, #RS3DPrint
Social Media Post-Mortem after the May 2014 Maker Faire in San Francisco
In-Store guide for Afinia H480 3D printer, for use by RadioShack employees to support the active machines in the proof-of-concept stores

— Client: Red Carpet Crash (2009 – 2010) – Editor and Writer

Back to the Black Hole – December 2009
Harlan Ellison and Star Trek – November 2009
What will Harry be when he grows up? – December 2009
Review: Crazy Heart – December 2009

— Credited in American McGee’s Grimm and Alice: Madness Returns, both from Spicy Horse Games (2006 – 2012)

— Published literary works:

— “Milk, Bread, Eggs“, Vitality Magazine, November 2015 – superhero fiction story wherein a “villain” runs into a superhero during off-hours in the grocery store.
— “Inconsolable“, The Good Men Project, December 2015 – a short fiction about the meaning of loss and relationships, bring a tissue.
Tuesday Twitter Tales, short stories released one tweet at a time on Tuesdays.
— When You’re a Bird in a World Made for Fishesthe Mighty, September 2016 – an essay on how the autistic experience differs from the neurotypical experience.  Picking up from the Normality Factor blog.
The Black Dog: Living with Someone Else’s Depressionthe Good Men Project, December 2016 – on the difficulties of living with someone in denial about clinical depression.